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Just Three of the Many Local Projects We Support
Lambeth Community Cemetery
Christmas Lights
Seminar for Tomorrow's Leaders

Lambeth Community Cemetery

The Lambeth Community Cemetery, located at Main Street & Col. Talbot Road has offered a final resting place for Lambeth and area families since the early 1820's. The names and dates on the tombstones trace the history of Lambeth through its earliest families and stand as mute testimony to the realities of life in Lambeth over the decades and centuries. Early family plots bear the names of more wives than husbands as wives died in childbirth; children died too, either from disease or accidents while working on the farm. 

But the Lambeth Community Cemetery is more than a cryptic history lesson. It is still an active cemetery today, still providing Lambeth residents a permanent connection to their community. 

In 2004 - 2005 The Rotary Club of London-Lambeth assisted in the restoration of a number of tombstones. Once again, in 2011, the Cemetery Board has come to Rotary for assistance with the preservation and restoration of more crumbling, broken and tilting stones.  In 2012 Rotary Club of London-Lambeth hopes to fund the repair and protection of approximately three dozen markers. Rotary will serve as the agent for ensuring the safety and over-all appearance of the cemetery for those who come to research history, to pay their respects and for those who will choose this place in the future. 

Lambeth Christmas Lights

Since 1954, Lambeth has had a reputation for celebrating Christmas with lights, first with brilliant home displays, now with lit decorations along Main Street. Rotary helps keep this tradition alive by coordinating business, residential and club donations, by storing and renovating the decorative fixtures and by contracting with authorized electrical contractors to install and remove the lights each year, in compliance with Provincial regulations. 

In 2011, Rotary partnered with the Lambeth Community Association, in a community open-air "Main Street Lights-On" celebration. The ceremony featured opening greetings from the Office of the Mayor of London, a five-piece band, choir singers, a community carol-sing, hot chocolate, candy canes and a surprise early visit by Santa Claus.


Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders

 Each year Rotary District 6330 organizes a three day leadership conference for senior high school students at UWO.  The seminar is open to all students in Grade 11 who have already shown leadership interests and skills. Students selected are recognized in their schools and their communities for their positive leadership abilities, and their history of evolvement in school and extracurricular activities. The seminar allows students to examine their own personal leadership style and how it affects others around them.

The ultimate objective/goal is for each student to leave the seminar with a new awareness of himself/herself, and be more finely tuned to utilize their given abilities to serve others in leadership capacities throughout life.