Rotary Club of London-Lambeth

Status of Lambeth Rotary`s Strategic Planning Process
Proposed Terms of Reference
Futures Committee
Rotary Club of London Lambeth
The Rotary Club of London Lambeth ( is currently developing a strategic plan to ensure we continue Making a Difference in changing the world.
Within the umbrella of Rotary there are many ways individual clubs have a positive impact on their local, national and international community.  All fall into Rotary’s six areas of focus, namely:
  • Peace And Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Disease Prevention And Treatment
  • Water And Sanitation
  • Maternal And Child Health
  • Basic Education And Literacy
  • Economic and community development
To achieve goals, we require not only the active support of members, but also the support of the community. That support can be in many forms:
·       Attending fundraising activities.
·       Providing sponsorship/auction items
·       Volunteering for specific hands-on projects
·       Providing services to Rotary
·       Promoting Rotary functions
·       Becoming a member
Club and community members have choices in the organizations they wish to support.
The Rotary Club of London Lambeth wishes to establish a special committee to help the club identify and prioritize projects that will gain the support of both members and the greater London Lambeth community.
Terms of Reference
1.    Using the six areas of focus as a guide, the committee will determine the degree of support for different TYPES of projects (both local and international) from  existing club members, existing club supporters and potential club members and supporters.
2.    The committee will draft and recommend to the membership CRITERIA to evaluate and prioritize projects and initiatives for the club including, but not limited to factors such as fit with desired club project types, balance of local and international focus, human and financial resources required, profile provided, etc.
3.    Upon membership confirmation of that criteria, the committee will research existing and new local and international projects that match the criteria, rank those projects, and establish the pros and cons for the TOP FIVE PROJECTS.
4.    The committee will present their FINDINGS WITH RECOMMENDATIONS to club membership by January 31, 2018.
Bill Gilbert
August 1, 2017